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Rhino Fund Uganda

The rhinos at our sanctuary are the only wild rhinos in Uganda today!

A security force of 148 people patrol the fences, guard the gates, and monitor the 32 rhinos 24 hours per day.

The sanctuary is currently in process of becoming a game reserve, in which rhinos and other species of wildlife can be encountered, highlighting Uganda’s unique biodiversity and emphasizing the importance of conserving it.

Rhino Fund Uganda (RFU) receives most of its USD 1,000,000 annual budget from tourism revenue. With the arrival of Covid-19, tourism income stopped overnight and we are desperately short of funding.

RFU has regrettably had to furlough a third of staff and the rest of our incredible team have voluntarily agreed to work on half pay for the duration of the crisis. Even so, the organisation is struggling to fundraise enough money to pay and feed the rangers who keep our rhinos safe.

We need your help to bridge the gap - and we are grateful for every dollar.

Donate to RHINO FUND UGANDA and help build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.